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Teal Base Globe

Teal Base Globe

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 Teal Base Globe Electric Oil Burner

This unique electric fragrance oil lamp is designed to fill the area with a refreshing aromatic scent. Use the dimmer to adjust the halogen light to warm the oil on low, medium, or high, depending on how much scent or light you want in the area. Electric burners are a wonderful way to safely release aromatic scents into your surroundings. Because there is no flame, electric burners are great for your home, business, dormitory, and more! The fragrance oil lamp can serve as a nightlight or create a relaxing mood with soft light and sweet-smelling scents. You can adjust the heat level to be safe for any area. Simply place fragrance oil or a wax tart onto the small glass plate on the top of the lamp, plug it in and adjust the dimmer. Always let the lamp cool before adding more oil or wax to the glass plate.

Color might slightly vary from picture.

***Includes a bottle of fragrance oil***

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